Plywood Siding

Plywood Siding

Roseburge Resin-TITE

Rough Sawn
Douglas Fir
Plywood Siding

Budget-wise beauty to meet contemporary needs

Our siding is budget-wise beauty to meet contemporary needs. A quality exterior plywood with Douglas fir face veneer, manufactured under a rigid quality testing and inspection program.  The siding comes in several textures including Rough Sawn, Scratch Sanded, or Brushed.

Roseburge’s Resin-TITE Douglas fir plywood siding will cut building costs. The 11/32″ and 15/32″ shallow grove and plain panels, as well as the 19/32″ thick deep grooved panels, can be applied directly to the framing, eliminating sheathing and diagonal wall bracing, further reducing installation costs. Douglas fir siding is available natural, factory primed, or stained.

ungrooved wood siding

Channel Groove

batten siding

Reverse Board and Batter

channel groove wood siding


Grade description is as follows:

  • Clear: Approximately “N” grade unrepaired face, allows up to six small knots, knotholes, or pitch pockets. May panels will have few, if any, defects.
  • Premium: Up to eight “boat” patches in a 4 x 8 panel, up to 12 patches in a 4 x 9/10 panel.
  • Sound: Approximately “B” grade. Allows one triple patch in an occasional panel. Average between 12 and 15 patches in a 4 x 8.
  • Innerplies and Back : “C” or better as outlined by PS1-83. All panels may have small minor splits

Image Profiles: Channel Grooves — Grove is 3/8″ wide, 4″ or 8″ O.C. Alternative grooving is available on special quotation.

Reverse Board and Batten* — Groove is 1/12″ wide, 12″ O>C.

Ungrooved — Square or shiplap edge.

Panel Thicknessess: Available in 11/32″ (3/8″) 3-ply, 15/32″ (1/2″) 5-ply, and 19/32″ (5/8″) 5-ply.

Certification: All exterior fir playwood siding panels are certified by Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory to met the requirements of PS1-83.

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